Hi TEAM LGT "Buddies"!

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Hi TEAM LGT "Buddies"!

Postby n2pc » Sat Nov 19, 2016 4:27 pm

Hello all,

It's my pleasure to be a member of this great TEAM LGT Forum.

My name is Wim van der Donk and I am Dutch but since 1995 a permanent resident in Nicaragua where I came as a project director of a Social Forestry Project. In 2003 I started here my own brick-and-mortar business a hotel called Hotel campestre El Pantano (http://www.hotelelpantano.com if you want to have a look).

In 2005 I added my online home business in response to requests of many friends of mine who wanted to avoid "emigrating" to support their families and were interested in starting an "online career". After 2 years of trial and error, learning, experimenting and with the help of some great mentors I met "on the road", I started my own "Newbies 2 Profit Club" to help other people to set up, start and grow their home business. This was followed some years later with the "Plugin Homebiz Site" and last year with the "New Way 2 Fortune".

For me, running a business has everything to do with "honesty", "transparency" and "responsibility".
I am convinced that in many ways my downline members are equally (or more) important than myself. I will never be successful if my downline members are not successful as well!

A concept well shared by LGT with its honest programs, transparency and GREAT SUPPORT like this newly created TEAM LGT FORUM!

If you wish to contact me you can email me at: newbies2profitclub@gmail.com or meet me on skype: "newbies2profitclub".

Again, nice to meet you all and looking forward to read your comments and posts!

Wim van der Donk
Wim van der Donk
Expert on homebiz development and advertising strategies
Founder/CEO of http://www.pluginhomebizsite.com and http://www.newway2fortune.com
Email: admin@newway2fortune.com
Skype: newbies2profitclub

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Re: Hi TEAM LGT "Buddies"!

Postby richmouse » Sat Nov 19, 2016 4:32 pm

Hello Everyone

Great to see this forum for inquires.

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