Read Write Errors on my last mls scan, server limitations?

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Read Write Errors on my last mls scan, server limitations?

Postby VivBounty » Thu Feb 09, 2017 4:09 am

Hi Steve and Drake,

I have the mls plugin for security. Today's scan revealed several Read/Write errors:

Eli said this in answer to someone else asking similar question:

It just means that my plugin was unable to read/scan the contents of that file. This also does not necessarily mean that the permissions on those files are “wrong” (although that is sometimes the reason for the error). In this case, given the other problems you have said that you are having on this server, my intuition tells me that your server is not meeting your system resource needs in many ways. All these errors could simply be caused be the memory_limit being set too low on the server, or the server just may not be powerful enough to run this site with everything that is currently going on with it. It is true that an infected site, or a site that is being targeted by hackers, will cause more load on the server’s resources, and you will notice this more on a smaller/light-weight server.

You’ll need to look in the server’s log files to be sure of what the problems are that are causing these errors. But I can already tell you that my best advice would be to move your site to a better server.

Should I worry? Can this be fixed?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks so much,

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